Après Moi, Le Déluge


Silence is my canvas.
I dream to be a composer.
If you want to know anything, ask me or look at my links :)


North Yatsugatake mountains / Nagano Prefecture by sf1003! on Flickr.

. by sly panda on Flickr.

wow people on my blog kinda like the good old days!¡!¡!¡!!!


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Hanging Glacier on Mount Ball (by Scott McFadyen)

nextg4mes replied to your post “explors replied to your post “You’re perfect omg do you have a recent…”

um excuse me….. i thought I was your favorite…….

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explors replied to your post “You’re perfect omg do you have a recent selfie or? ;)”

people are just jealous because you have better eyes and hair than them js

you’re my favourite AND I STILL NEED TO REPLY TO YOU i am so bad 5 minutes O:)


untitled by RagtimeWillie on Flickr.

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“I think the most amazing fact I learned was that they have a part of the brain that we don’t have—a part that we can’t even identify. This suggests that they sense, understand, and even feel more than we do. It still blows me away to think about it.”—Gabriela Cowperthwaite, Director of Blackfish